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How to Configure the Grandstream Wave Application

Grandstream Wave

Hello everyone, now I have shared how to configure the Grandstream Wave application on your phone. However, Grandstream has 2 types of apps used for phones, WAVE for UCM6300 IP PBX Series and another application for UCM6200 and UCM6510 Series IP PBX which is GS WAVE Lite, an interesting thing is that this app works on UCM6300 Series IP PBX. Both applications are available on the Android/iOS Store.

How to Configure the Grandstream Wave Application

This application is available in PC/Phones both. Download this Application from this site. Install the app and give all the permissions it wants.

Open the App and go to the Login Option.
Domain/Server: [your SIP Server Address]
Account/Extension: 1202 [Your Extension number]
User/Wave Password: [Your Extension User Password]
Press the Login Button.

How to Setup Grandstream Wave on Your Phone

Note: Click the link to learn How to Setup Granstream IPPBX and How to configure Grandstream ip telephone.

How to Configure the GS Wave Lite Application

Download the App from the Google Play Store or iPhone AppStore. Install the GS Wave Lite app and give all the permissions it wants.

Open the GS Wave and go to the “Settings” Icon> then Press the “Account Settings” > Tap on Button (+) >Click on the “SIP Account”

Fill in your basic information on GS Wave Lite.
Account Name: Krishna [ Set your Name]
SIP Server: [ Your SIP Server Address]
SIP User ID: 1202 [ Your Extension/SIP number]
Password: [ Your SIP password]
Voicemail ID: *97
Display Name: Krishna [Your Name]

Final Setup: Save the details and the “Account” shows green light, which means, it’s registered to the server and you’re ready to make the calls.

How to setup Grandstream WAVE Lite Phone

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