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Setup Grandstream SIP Trunk

Grandstream SIP Trunk Setup

Hello everyone, in this post I will show simple steps to setup Grandstream SIP Trunk or VOIP trunks and make inbound and outbound calls. your IPTSP or IP Number provider has shared some information about your IP number, SIP Server address, and Password. you have just filled in this information in SIP Trunk. First login to your UCM62XX/UCM63XX Serice IP PBX Server VOIP Trunk Click Create SIP Trunk. Select Register SIP Trunk in the Type option. Set the information hostname, username, and password as IPTSP or IP number company. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Configure Grandstem VOIP Trunk

Login to your UCM Server and Go to VOIP Trunk on the Extension/Trunk Manu option

VOIP Trunks Create – Image1

Step 2: Click Add SIP Trunk on the Grandstream UCM Server

Click Add SIP Trunk Button

add sip trunk
Add Sip trunk – image2

Step 3: Create Your Grandstream SIP Trunk

fill up your SIP number info as your IPTSP Provider

Type: Register SIP Trunk
Provider Name: NextFone
Host Name: sip.nextfone.com.bd
CallerID Name: 09614536878
Trunk Registration Number: 09614536878
Password: *******
Click the Save Button

Create New SIP trunk – image3

Step 4: Edit SIP Trunks

go back to edit sip Trunk: NexFone>Advanced Settings
Enable Heartbeat Detection: Click the check box
Heartbeat Frequency (s): 10
Press the Save button and click the Apple Change button. Your VOIP trunk is ready. You can view your trunk status on the dashboard.

voip trunks edit
edit Sip trunk-image4

Now we create Inbound and Outbound routes using NextFone SIP Trunk

Step 5: Create an Outbound Route Using the SIP/VOIP Trunk

Go to the Extension/Trunk>Outbound Route>Add. Set your Outbound Rule Name, Pattern is X. Enable Source Caller ID list Check box and select your extension number on the “listed Extensions/Extension Groups” field. select your Trunk on the Main Trunk option. Save, and Apple Change Button. your Outbound Route is Ready.

Note: Click the link to learn How to Setup Granstream IPPBX and How to configure Grandstream ip telephone.

Step 5: Create an Inbound Route Using the SIP/VOIP Trunk

Go to the Extension/Trunk>inbound Route>Add. select our Trunk on General Option and Pattern is X. Select your inbound call Default Destination. Save, and Apple Change Button. Your inbound Route is Ready.

This short guide takes you through the steps required to setup a Grandstream SIP trunk or VOIP trunk with Inbound and outbound routes.

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