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How to FreePBX install on VMware

freePBX setup VMware

Setup 1 – Download VMware: If you haven’t already, download and install VMware on your computer. You can get VMware Workstation Player for personal use, or VMware vSphere Hypervisor if you’re setting up a server environment. here is the VMware download link.

Step 2- Download FreePBX ISO Obtain the FreePBX ISO image from the official FreePBX website or a trusted source.

Step 3 – FreePBX Configure Virtual Machine Settings

  • Install the VMware software and go to the New Virtual Machine (shortcut key CRT+N) from File Manu.
  • Assign appropriate resources like CPU cores, RAM, and disk space according to your requirements.
  • Choose networking settings per your setup (bridged, NAT, etc.).
  • Customize any additional settings as needed.
install FreePBX on VMware (Virtual Machine)

Setup 4- Install FreePBX ISO:

Booting FreePBX ISO File

Step 5- Choose FreePBX Standard

Select the FreePBX Standard option

Note: Click the link to learn How to Setup Granstream IPPBX and How to configure Grandstream ip telephone.

Step 6– set the root password

set the root password

Step 7- After completing the installation of FreePBX ISO on the VM, click to reboot. it’s ready to use.

Click Reboot when FreePBX is installed and ready for you to use.

Setup 8- type the “root” in the login option, the password is you chose during the installation.

login Select “Enter” under the IP Address assigned to your machine.

Step 9- Go to a computer connected to the same local network as your PBX account. Enter the IP Address in the address bar. Enter a username, password, and email on the FreePBX admin page. Select “Create Account” when finished. You will be redirected to the FreePBX landing page. Select the FreePBX Administration option. Enter your username and password. Select “Activate” Next, you will create a Sangoma profile account. Fill in the email address, name, and password of your choosing. Select an option that best describes you in the drop-down menu. Make sure to check the box next to “I agree to the terms and conditions.”

Step 10- Then select “Create” Fill in the Location Name with the name of your choice. Select “Activate” Choose the time zone for your region. Select “Abort” on the firewall activation page. You will be directed to the FreePBX dashboard. Select “Apply Config” to ensure all changes are saved, to get a static IP address, which is recommended, hover over the admin menu, and select “System Admin” from the drop-down. Go to the Network settings. Under IP assignment, select the static button, and enter the static IP Address. Enter the static IP Address. Select “Apply Config” to save changes.

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