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Grandstream FXO Gateway Configuration

Grandstream FXO Gateway Configuration with ucm

Hello Dear, Are you considering connecting the analog PSTN telephone line in your IP PBX and making incoming and outgoing using IP PBX? Grandstream FXO Gateway is a great choice. Grandstram has GXW410X FXO Gateway series device. GXW4104 has 4 ports and GXW4108 has 8 ports connecting the analog PSTN telephone line. I will show you the Grandstream FXO Gateway Configuration with the Grandstem UCM IP-PBX server in this post. However, I have divided this post into two segments, one Part is IP PBX, which is peer trunk FXO device for incoming and outgoing calls, another port FXO Grateway which is channel settings and dialing settings.

How to Configure FXO device

Step 1: Grandstream FXO Gateway Configuration:

Connect the DHCP network cable using the “WAN” port of the gateway and power it on. Next, you need to find the IP and MAC Address of your device on your network:

FXO Gateway IP found using Grandstream IP Discovery Tool Software
  • Download the Grandstream IP Discovery Tool from here.
  • Extract it on a PC on the same WAN as the Grandstream device
  • Run the executable file, select the correct network interface on the PC, and press “Listen”.
  • Power off the device, wait few seconds, then power it on again. wait until the device is detected by the discovery tool
  • Make a note, browse the IP address, and login
  • to connect to the PSTN line on the FXO port
  • Note Default password: admin

Setup 1.1: FXO Gateway Peer SIP Server Configuration:

Log in to Analog FXO Gateway and Go to Accounts>General Settings> Set your Account Active and SIP server IP.

fxo gateway peer with sip server

Setup 1.2: Set User ID on Grandstream FXO Gateway

grandstream fxo configuration

Setup 1.3: Set dialing to PSTN on the Grandstream FXO Gateway

Grandstream FXO Gateway Configuration

Setup 2.1: Grandsteam UCM IP-PBX Peer FXO Gateway

login to Grandstream IP-PBX, Extension/Trunk> VoIP Trunks > Add SIP Trunk, Click Peer SIP Trunk, and Set Host Name

Create a Grandstream UCM IPPBX Peer trunk with FXO Gateway

Setup 2.2: Edit Peer Trunk Grandsteam IP PBX

go to the recently created Peer SIP Trunk edit option. set DTMF mode AUTO, click Enable Heartbeat Detection, and set the value to 10.

edit sip trunk

Setup 2.3: Create Peer Trunk Outbound Routes

peer trunk outbound call create

Step 2.4: Create Peer Trunk Inbound Routes

Grandstream fxo setup

This short guide takes you through the steps required to configuration the Grandstream analog FXO gateway with the IPPBX server.

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